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  •  [Liaoning,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer , Trade Company
  • Main Markets: Africa , Americas , Asia , East Europe , Middle East , North Europe , Oceania , Other Markets
  • Exporter:91% - 100%
  • Certs:GB, ISO9001
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About Us

Shenyang Bao Quan Business Co Ltd established in 2008 is an enterprise engaged in R D manufacture and marketing of building machinery and engineering equipment The headquarter is located in Shenyang of Liaoning province with production bases in Shenyang and Shandong In addition the branch company BQ Industrial and Construction Machinery L L C was set up in Dubai The products of BQ mainly include tower crane construction hoist suspended platform and other related core parts Over the years BQ has committed itself to the construction machinery industry and the products have been sold to more than 20 countries and regions including South Korea Indonesia Thailand India Philippines Vietnam Middle...

Categories and Products

Tower Crane

Hammerhead Tower Crane

Hammerhead Tower Crane 10 Ton 50m Topkit Tower Crane 10t Topkit Tower Crane 60m Topkit Tower Crane 65m Topkit Tower Crane 70m Topkit Tower Crane 50t Topkit Tower Crane BQ GHT6520-10 (MC235) Hammerhead Tower Crane BQ Hammerhead Tower Crane GHT5023-10 (FO23B) BQ GHT5516-6(MC110) 6T Hammerhead Tower Crane BQ Topkit Tower Crane GHT6015-10(H2515-10) BQ GHT7032-12(MC310K12) Tower Crane for Construction BQ Hammerhead Tower Crane GHT7032-16 (MC320K16) BQ GHT5013-6 Hammerhead Tower Crane BQ GHT6014-8 (MC175) Hammerhead Tower Crane 5t Topkit Tower Crane 6t Topkit Tower Crane BQ M900B Hammerhead Tower Crane 12t Topkit Tower Crane Hammerhead Tower Crane MC205 

Flat Top Tower Crane

BQ GHP5517-8 Topless Tower Crane BQ GHP7524-16 Topless Tower Crane BQ GHP7527-18 Topless Tower Crane 55m Flat Top Tower Crane 8t Flat Top Tower Crane 60m Flat Top Tower Crane 10t Flat Top Tower Crane 65m Flat Top Tower Crane 12t Flat Top Tower Crane 16t Flat Top Tower Crane 80t Flat Top Tower Crane BQ Flat Top Tower Crane GHP70240-80 Flat Top Tower Crane 12 Ton BQ Flat Top Tower Crane GHP6518-10 BQ GHP6520-10 10T Flat Top Tower Crane BQ GHP6520-12 12Ton Topless Tower Crane BQ GHP7524-12 Flat Top Tower Crane 75m Flat Top Tower Crane BQ GHP6016-8 8 Ton Topless Tower crane BQ Flat Top Tower Crane GHP6016-10 

Luffing Tower Crane

55m Luffing Jib Tower Crane BQ GHD5522-10 Luffing Tower Crane BQ Luffing Tower Crane GHD6062-24 40m Luffing Jib Tower Crane 45m Luffing Jib Tower Crane 50m Luffing Jib Tower Crane BQ GHD4015-5 Luffing Tower Crane BQ GHD5020-10 Luffing Tower Crane 50m Jib BQ GHD5522-12T Luffing Tower Crane For Sale BQ GHD6032-18 Luffing Tower Crane Luffing Tower Crane 10 Ton BQ GHD5012-8 Tower Crane Luffing BQ GHD5527-14 Luffing Tower Crane Luffing Tower Crane 8 Ton Luffing Jib Tower Crane 12 Ton 10 Ton Luffing Jib Tower Crane Luffing Tower Crane 14 Ton BQ Luffing Crane GHD6091-32 50m Luffing Jib Crane 10 Ton BQ Luffing Jib Tower Crane GHD5030-10 

Derrick Crane

BQ Derrick Crane DCB42-18 for Sales BQ DCB30-12 Derrick Crane for Sales BQ 6T Derrick Crane DCB20-6 BQ Derrick Crane 2533A for Tower Crane Dismantling BQ 10T Derrick Crane Roof Crane DCB24-10 16t Derrick Crane DCB35-16 

Tower Crane Parts

Mast Section

Tower Crane Mc Series S24 Mast Section Zoomlion Tower Crane Mast Section EQ7 BQ Tower Crane Mast Section L69B2 BQ Basic Mast Section 1.2m*1.2m*'7.5m BQ Tower Crane Mast Section L48A1 l68b2 Tower Crane Mast Section Tower Crane L68B2 Mast Section L66A1 Mast Section for Tower Crane 2m*2m*2.8m Mast Section for Zoomlion Tower Crane TC6016A-8 Liebher Tower Crane Mast Section 132HC Liebherr Tower Crane Mast Section 290HC Mast Section for Liebherr Tower Crane 132HC/154HC 120HC/132HC/154HC Mast Section for Liebherr Tower Crane L44A1 Mast Section for Tower Crane FO23C MC115B L68A1 Mast Section for Tower Crane FO23B L68B1 Mast Section for Tower Crane H3/36B C7030 256HC Tower Crane Mast Section Tower Crane Embedded Mast Section L68B2 Mast Section for Tower Crane MC320/300/230 BQ Tower Crane Mast Section L44A1 

Fixing Angle

M36\M39\M42 Embedded Bolts for Tower Crane Fixing Angle Tower Crane Foundation Base Anchors H20 BQ Fixing Angle for K5050 Tower Crane BQ 2m Fixing Angle for Tower Crane 10T M24/30/36 Bolts for Tower Crane Fixing Angle BQ Tower Crane Reusable Fixing Angle L68 Zoomlion TC5518A Tower Crane Fixing Angle Liebherr Tower Crane Fixing Angle 290HC Yongmao Tower Crane STT293-16/18 Fixing Angle D69B1 Tower Crane Fixing Angle 1.6m 1.2m Reusable Fixing Angles for Tower Crane Tower Crane Fixing Angle Tower Crane Spare Parts Fixing Angle Foundation Leg Fixing Angle for Tower Crane BQ Tower Crane Fixing Angle 1.2M S24 BQ 2m Fixing Angle for Tower Crane 18ton Reusable Fixing Angles for 1.6m Mast Section 1.2m Fixing Angles for Tower Crane BQ Tower Crane 1.6m Reusable Fixing Angle BQ Tower Crane Reusable Fixing Angle 2m L69 

Anchorage Frame

2.0m anchorage frame for tower crane Tower Crane Anchorage Frame for S24 Mast Section 2M Collar Frame L69 for Tower Crane 1.2m 1.6m 2.0m Tower Crane Anchorage Frame Anchorage Frame for Tower Crane Collar Frame Tower Crane Tie Collar Anchorage Frame 2m Anchorage Frame for 1.6m Tower Crane Mast Section 2m Mast Section Anchorage Frame for Tower Crane 1.6m Tower Crane Anchor Frame for L46A1 Anchorage Frame 1.6m Tie Collar for Tower Crane Liebherr Tower Crane Wall Tie 290HC 2m Anchorage Frame for MC235 Tower Crane Tower Crane Wall Tie Anchorage Frame 1.2m Tower Crane Mast Anchorage Frame 1.6m Tower Crane Spare Parts Anchorage Frame 2m Anchorage Frame for Tower Crane M60*500 Bolts for Tower Crane Anchorage Frame 

Steel Structure

Tower Crane Telescoping Cage Climbing Cage Tower Crane Working Platform 10T Tower Crane Spare Parts Hook Lifting Hook for 10t Tower Crane Spare Parts Rest Platform for Tower Crane Transfer Mast Section from 1.6m to 2m BQ Tower Crane Transition Mast Section Pin Shaft for Tower Crane φ30~100 Tower Crane Spare Parts Jib Section TOWER CRANE SPARE PARTS HOOK BLOCK Tower Crane Hook Spare Parts Safety Plate Tower Crane Mast Section Pins for Sale Bolts for Tower Crane Mast Section BQ Tower Crane Mast Section Ladder Tower Crane Access Ladders Bolts M27*2 for Slewing Table SCM D160 Tower Crane Spare Parts Adaptor Mast Tower Crane Steel Structure Jib Section Tower Crane Parts 10t Jib Length 10m Tower Crane Steel Structure Parts Telescoping Cage 

Hoisting Mechanism And Spare Parts

Hoisting Fan for Potain Tower Crane 10-12T Tower Crane hoisting Mechanism 60QP25HS-G3 RCS Hoisting Mechanism for Tower Crane YTLVFE180M2-4 Variable Frequency Hoist Motor for Tower Crane Three-Phase Centrifugal Fan for Tower Crane 75LVF25 Hoisting Mechanism Reducer for Tower Crane Tower Crane Frequency Control Hoisting Mechanism 55LFV30B 70RCS40 Hoisting Mechanism for Tower Crane 10T Tower Crane Hoisting Mechanism 60LVF25 YW315-800RL Electro-hydraulic Drum Brake for Tower Crane SBD50-D-940*20 Hydraulic Safety Brakes for Tower Crane Hoisting Mechanism of Tower Crane 10 Ton BFY-QS-70RCS 135.6 Hoisting Reducer for Tower Crane Hoisting Mechanism for Tower Crane 6 Ton JQ07A-38.5 Hoisting Reducer for Tower Crane 60QP25HS 45KW Lifting Mechanism for 12T Tower Crane 30JLD20FZ Hoisting Mechanism for 8T Tower Crane Tower Crane Hoisting Mechanism 55JLF30D 33LVF15 Frequency Control Hoisting Mechanism for Tower Crane JX8 Hoisting Reducer for Tower Crane F023/B H3/36B 

Trolleying Mechanism and Spare Parts

5D3V4 Trolley Mechanism for Tower Crane 8-10t Tower Crane Trolleying Mechanism 185JXL JX9 Trolleying Mechanism for Tower Crane F0/23C F0/23B 95JXL2 Trolleying Mechanism for 8-10t Tower Crane YTDVF132M1-4 5.5KW Trolleying Motor for Tower Crane YTLEJ112L-120-4 Trolleying Motor for Tower Crane 7.5KW Variable Frequency Trolleying Motor for Tower Crane 4D3V3 Trolley Mechanism for 8t Tower Crane 6JXF5 Trolleying Mechanism for 12T Tower Crane JX9L Trolleying Mechanism for Tower Crane H3/36B 4JXF4 Trolleying Mechanism for 10t Tower Crane 33DVF33 Trolleying Mechanism for Tower Crane 50t Trolleying Fan for Tower Crane YVFE112M-4 Variable Frequency Braking Motor for Tower Crane Tower Crane Trolley Mechanism 6D3V4 Luffing Winch for Tower Crane Tower Crane Luffing Mechanism 30LP25H Tower Crane Spare Parts Trolley Trolley Chassis for Tower Crane Tower Crane Luffing Mechanism 15LVF22 

Slewing Mechanism and Spare Parts

Tower Crane Torque Motor YTLEJ112L-95-4F1 RCV120 Slewing Mechanism for Tower Crane Slewing Mechanism of Tower Crane BFY-HZ-163 Slewing Reducer for k3030 Tower Crane PD03 Tower Crane Slewing Reducer 1:163 Tower Crane Slewing Reducer JH13 9000 N.m Tower Crane Slewing Mechanism Assembly YTRVFW132M2-4F1 7.5KW Slewing Motor for Tower Crane RCV 185N.m Slewing Electric Motor for Tower Crane L-05G 0.18KW Centrifugal Fan for Slewing Mechanism Tower Crane Slewing Reducer 95Nm JX7 Planetary Gear Reducer for H3/36B Tower Crane Slip Ring for Tower Crane Slip Ring for Tower Crane 51.5KW Motor Slewing Assemble for 12Ton Tower Crane Tower Crane Slewing Mechanism 5RVF YTRVFW132M1-4F1 5.5KW Slewing Motor for Tower Crane YDX-280A Fluid Coupling for Tower Crane JH02 Slewing Reducer for Tower Crane BFY-HZ-193 Slewing Reducer for Tower Crane 

Tower Crane Cabin

Tower Crane Spare Parts Operator Cabin Operator Cabin for 10t Luffing Tower Crane Tower Crane Cab Operator Cabin Toughened Glass Cab for Tower Crane GHP6016-10 Operator Cabin for Yongmao Tower Crane Operator Cabins for Tower Crane QT3305P Cabin for Potain Tower Crane Tower Crane Operator Cabine Driver's Cab Zoomlion Tower Crane Operator Cabin Tower Crane Operation Cabin 2100*1300*2260 Tower Crane Driver's Cab 1900*1390*2100 Tower Crane Operator Cabin Tower Crane Spare Parts Cabin Tower Crane Cabin 1550*1300*2140 Potain Tower Crane MC320 Cabin SYM Tower Crane Cabin Tower Crane Operator Cabin 1800mm*1200mm*2100mm Tower Crane Cabin 4430*1300*2180 Tower Crane Driver's Cabin 4000*1300*2174 Tower Crane Cab Operation Cabin 1800*1400*2205 

Load Moment Indicator

Tower Crane Zoning System RC-A11 Safety Monitoring and Indicator Devices for Tower Crane CXT-90Ⅱ Multifunction Indicator for Tower Crane CXT-90Ⅱ Multi-Function Indicator for Tower Crane Tower Crane Spare Parts Zoning System RC-A11-Ⅱ Load Moment Indicator for Tower Crane Tower Crane Anti-collision and Zone Protection System Safety Monitoring Device for Tower Crane Tower Crane Load Moment Indicator CXT30 RC-A5-D Load Moment Indicator for Tower Crane Tower Crane Multi-Function Indicator RC-A5-I Load Moment Indicator for Tower Crane Weight Limiter for Tower Crane Tower Crane Load Cell XZ6.0T-Y9 Load Cell for Tower Crane Wind Speed Sensor for Tower Crane Tower Crane Parts Data Transceiver RC250G GMX60R12 Absolute Encoder for Tower Crane Load Cells Pin Shaft Sensor for Tower Crane 4T Load Cell for Tower Crane 

Tower Crane Telescoping Hydraulic System

Tower Crane Hydraulic Power Unit 12MPa Tower Crane Hydraulic Pump Station Hydraulic Jack Cylinder for Tower Crane 9MPa Hydraulic Power for Tower Crane 25MPa Hydraulic Pump Station for Tower Crane Hydraulic Pump Station for Tower Crane Tower Crane Telescoping Yoke Tower Crane Yoke for Telescoping Hydraulic System Tower Crane Axial Plunger Pump 31.5MPa Tower Crane Telescopic Cylinder Y3-132M-4W Motor for Hydraulic Pump Station DD05-06A Hydraulic Power Unit for Tower Crane H3/36B Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pumps for Tower Crane 

Tower Crane Gear

Tower Crane Slewing Ring Bearing Tower Crane Slewing Bearing Tower Crane Slewing Ring Tower Crane Slewing Ring Turntable Bearing Bearing Seal Ring for Tower Crane Bevel Gear for Tower Crane Tower Crane Spare Parts Splined Sleeve Bevel Gear for Tower Crane F023/B H3/36B Transmission Gears for Tower Crane Hoisting Reducer Bevel Gear for Tower Crane Hoisting Mechanism Tower Crane 19 38 99 Teeth Pinion Gear Tower Crane Reducer Transmission Gear 19 Teeth 38 Teeth Gear for Tower Crane Hoisting Reducer 99 Teeth Transmission Gear for Tower Crane Sun Gear and Planet Gear Potain Tower Crane Planet Gear for Tower Crane Slewing Reducer Slewing Planet Gear Assemble for H3/36B Drive Shaft Gear for Tower Crane F0/23B F0/23C Drive Shaft Gear for Tower Crane H3/36B Slewing Planetary Gear Assembly for F0/23B F0/23C 

Brake Disc

Brake Lining for Tower Crane Tower Crane Luffing Motor Brake Pad Hoisting Motor Brake Pad for Potain Tower Crane 95N.m Electromagnetic Brake for Tower Crane Tower Crane Hoisting Brake Linings YWZ-315 Tower Crane Hydraulic Brake Pad Brake Shoe Tower Crane Brake Disc for 51.5kw Yongan Motor Yongmao Jianglu Tower Crane Motor Brake Disc Tower Crane Brake Pad for 51.5kw Yibin motor Hoisting Brake Disc for F023B Tower Crane Trolleying Motor Brake Disc for XCMG Tower Crane Tower Crane F023B Trolleying motor Brake Disc Brake Pad for Tower Crane Slewing Motor Tower Crane F023B Slewing Motor Brake Pad Tower crane Torque Motor Slewing Motor Brake Disc DDZ-40 Electromagnet for Potain Tower Crane Potain Tower Crane Electromagnetic Brake Electromagnetic Brake for Zoomlion QTZ63 Tower Crane Brake Discs for Potain Tower Crane Trolley Motor Electromagnet for Potain Tower Crane 

Wire Rope

35W7-16mm Steel Wire Rope for 12-14t Tower Crane 24Wx7-14mm Trolleying Wire Rope for 10t Tower Crane Tower Crane Safety Rope Bumper 35W*7-20mm Wire Rope for 18t Tower Crane 35Wx7-14mm Wire Rope for 10t Tower Crane 35W7-12mm Hoisting Wire Rope for 6t Tower Crane Tower Crane Hoisting Rope 16mm Wire Rope 35×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope for Tower Crane Tower Crane Steel Wire Rope 35*7-18mm 24×7 16mm Wire Rope for Tower Crane 35W*7-18mm Hoisting Wire Rope for 16t Tower Crane Wire Rope Wedge Connector for Tower Crane 24Wx7-22mm Wire Rope for Tower Crane 22t 

Tower Crane Power Cable

Tower Crane Electric Cable with Aviation Connector Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 3*50+1*16 Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 3×120+1×35 Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 3×150 Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 3*35+1*10 Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 1×120 Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 3*70+1*25 Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 3*95+1*35 Tower Crane Electric Power Cable Tower Crane Electric Cable YCW 3×25+2×10 Rubber Shneath Cable for Tower Crane Electric Power Cable for Tower Crane Rubber Insulated Cable for Tower Crane Electrical Power Cable for Tower Crane Industrial Power Cable for Tower Crane Flexible Electrical Power Cable for Tower Crane Plug Socket for Tower Crane Flexible Power Cable for Tower Crane Industrial Waterproof Connector 16A-6h Heavy Duty Connector Aviation Plug 48 Core 

Electric Parts

NSC Circuit Breaker 200A for Tower Crane Auxiliary Contact Block for Tower Crane Left Mounted Angle Sensor for Tower Crane IDEC ASW0302 Control Unit for Tower Crane DDZ1 DC Trumpet for Tower Crane Plastic Mainframe Anemometer Alarm for Tower Crane YASKAVA V1000 Frequency Converter 2.2-15kw for Tower Crane Tower Crane Anemometer WTF-B100 XCK-P Limit Switch for Tower Crane WFS-1 Wind Speed Sensor for Tower Crane ETF100-H 850921 AEncoder for Tower Crane 600VA Transformer for Potain Tower Crane Brake Resistor for Tower Crane ATV71 75kW 3P 380VAC Frequency Inverter SIMATIC S7-200CN PLC CPU MODULE SMART ST20 65W AC Axial Fan for Tower Crane DEK-A Electronic Anemometer for Tower Crane DDJ1 AC Electric Trumpet for Tower Crane DELIXI LXK3-20S/B Limit Switch for Tower Crane JDC-100-L/R Angle Sensor for Tower Crane 

Tower Crane Pulleys

415*80mm Rope Pulleys for Tower Crane F0/23B 330*130*55 Nylon Pulley for Tower Crane 490*110 Steel Pulley for Tower Crane 490*90*130 Nylon Pulley for Tower Crane Tower Crane Pulley for MC80 Tower Crane Trolley Roller for Zoomlion Tower Crane 330*80 Steel Pulley for Tower Crane 490*90 Steel Pulley for H336B Tower Crane 280*40 Nylon Pulley for Tower Crane Wire Rope Guide Pulley for Tower Crane Tower Crane Lifting jib Upper Chord Pulley 214mm×80mm Rope Wheel Shaft for Tower Crane F023B Rope Wheel Shaft for Tower Crane H3/36B Steel Wire Rope Pulley for Tower Crane Load Roller for Tower Crane K5050 Trolley Roller Wheel for Tower Crane Tower Crane Hoisting Rope Pulley 320×75 320×90 Pulley for Tower Crane Hook Tower Crane Spare Parts Pulley Block Tower Crane Pulley 330×110 

Tower Crane Control Console

Tower Crane Joystick Master Controllers WLK3 Series Tower Crane Master Controller WLK4 Tower Crane Master Controller Joysticks WLK6-II Operation Console Joystick for Tower Crane QTF2-10/23B Joystick Controller for Tower Crane QTA1 Joystick Master Controller for Tower Crane WQT-4A Tower Crane Console QTA4 Linkage Console for Tower Crane Tower Crane Control Joystick 3/4/5 Gears QTF-10/160F 21A Tower Crane Controller Joystick WQT-6A4 Tower Crane Joysticks Linkage Console Tower Crane Joystick Controller 5 Speed /3 Speed Joysticks for Tower Crane Tower Crane Control Joysticks Operation Console Chair for Tower Crane Tower Crane Operation Consoles QTA5 RCV Stepless Speed Regulation Joystick for Tower Crane Tower Crane Console Joysticks Tower Crane Joysticks Master Controller Control Console for Tower Crane 

Slewing Controller

OMD Slewing Control Block for Tower Crane RCV Slewing Control Block for Tower Crane HRCV/RCV/OMD Slewing Control Block for Tower Crane RCV for Zoomlion Tower Crane OMD Block Slewing Controller for Tower Crane LRV-3A Eddy Current Slewing Controller for Tower Crane Yongmao Tower Crane Slewing Controller YMRTC-2 Slewing Controller for K3030 Tower Crane Tower Crane Accessories Slewing Controller RCV 162A Slewing Block for Tower Crane RCV Slewing Block for Tower Crane RCV-106A Slewing Control Block for Tower Crane RCV Block 200A Slewing Controller for Tower Crane Slewing Control Block C-61406-47 for Potain Tower Crane Slewing Controller V-61406-51 for Potain Tower Crane Tower Crane Electric Parts Slewing Control Block Slewing Block for Potain Tower Crane Potain Circuit Board Control Pannel C7040647-H HRCV-273A Slewing Control Block for Tower Crane HRCV-106A Slewing Control Block for Tower Crane 

Limiter & Limit Switch

Tower Crane Limit Switch 1:46 Multifunction Traveling Limiter for Tower Crane DXZ 1:274 Limit Switch for Tower Crane Tower Crane Limit Switch DXZ-4/7W BWL-D5A Load Moment Limiter for Tower Crane Potain Tower Crane Limit Switch Load Moment Limit Switch for Zoomlion Tower Crane Tower Crane Spare Parts Load Moment Limiter DXZ Limit Switches for Tower Crane Tower Crane Spare Part DXZ Limit Switch DXZ1 Tower Crane Limit Switch 1:46 Hoisting Weight Limiter for Tower Crane Load Lifting Limiter for Tower Crane Load Moment Limiter for Tower Crane 

Construction Hoist

BQ SC200 VFD Control Construction Hoist SC General Construction Hoist Construction Hoist SC100 Single Cage BQ SC General Construction Hoist SC150/150 Construction Passenger Hoist Material Lift And Elevator Construction hoist Middle Speed VFD Construction Elevator Passenger Hoist Construction Hoist VFD Control Construction Building Passenger Hoists Construction Hoist Painting Type Mast Section Construction Lifts Building Hoist Construction Hoist Double Cage Construction Hoist with Cabin Passenger Hoist for Construction Sites Construction Hoist Equipment for Rental Alimak Galvanized VFD Construction Hoist SC200/200 Construction Hoist Eelevator for Sale Electric Construction Hoist Double Cage BQ Painting Power Rail Type Construction Hoist SC200/200 BQ Alimak Galvanized VFD Construction Hoist SC200/200 

Construction Hoist Parts

Construction Hoist Steel Structure

Cage Assembly for Construction Hoist Construction Hoist Tie Collar Anchorage Frame Small Pinion Gear for Passenger Hoist Alimak Brand Construction Hoist Mast Section Galvanized Mast Section for Construction Hoist Construction Hoist Spare Parts Mast Section Construction Hoist Elevator Parts Mast Section Construction Elevator Passenger Hoist Rack Construction Passenger Hoist Spare Parts Gears Construction Hoist Cabin Inside Construction Hoists for Passengers and Materials Passenger Hoists Parts 3.5m Cage Passenger Hoist Mast Section Construction Hoist Mast 650*650 Mast Section for SC Series Construction Hoist 40x60x1508mm Rack for Construction Hoist BQ Painting Type Construction Hoist Mast Section SC200 Construction Hoist Mast Section Hot Dip Galvanized Mast Section for Construction Hoist Construction Passenger Hoist Mast Section Wall Tie Anchorage Frame for Construction Hoist 

Construction Hoist Safety Device

SRIBS SAJ50-2.0 Anti-fall Safety Device for Building Hoist SRIBS SAJ40-1.2A Anti-drop Safety Device for Building Hoist IN318-A Overload Protector for Construction Hoist SCQZ-1 Overload Protector for Construction Hoist SRIBS Anti Fall Safety Device for Construction Hoist Calling System Monitor for Construction Hoist Calling System Extension Set for Construction Hoist F-CFBLBH Tension Sensor for Construction Hoist Plate Ring Type Tension Sensor for Construction Hoist Overweight Limitator for Construction Hoist SC-1A Overload Protector for Building Hoist SRIBS SAJ30-1.4 Anti-drop Safety Device for Building Hoist SRIBS SAJ40-1.4 Anti-fall Device for Construction Hoist SRIBS SAJ40-2.0 Safety Device for Construction Hoist SRIBS SAJ30-1.6 Anti-Fall Safety Device for Building Hoist SRIBS SAJ30-1.2 Anti-fall Device for Construction Hoist Construction Elevator Overload Protector WK-EL-IV 5/8T Operation Monitoring System for Construction Hoist SRIBS SAJ50-1.4 Anti-fall Device for Construction Hoist SC-1 Overload Limiter Protector for Construction Elevator 

Construction Hoist Electrical Parts

Anti-drop Suspender for 25mm Sliding Contact Line Inlet Connector for 25mm Sliding Contact Line LW95 Universal Change-over Switch for Construction Hoist Current Collector for 35mm Cable Sliding Contact Line 15KW Electric Motor for Construction Hoist Double-drive Transmission Mechanism for Construction Hoist MY4N-J Intermediate Relay 10A 240VAC 28VDC Driving Unit for Construction Hoist JSH15 Series Reducer for Construction Hoist LAY5 BE102 Emergency Stop Button for Building Hoist YBLX Limit Switch for Construction Hoist Construction Hoist Spare Parts Master Switch Single-drive Transmission Mechanism for Construction Hoist Construction Hoist Limit Switch Z4V7H335-20z-RVA XD2PA24 CR 2-Speed Master Switch for Building Hoist 1:16 Worm Gear Reducer for Construction Hoist 25mm² Sliding Contact Line for Construction Hoist 35mm² Sliding Contact Line for Passenger Hoist 16mm² Sliding Contact Line 80A Integrated Operating Console for Construction Elevator 

Construction Hoist Part

Silicon Rubber for Passenger Hoist Coupling Cable Protection Ring for Construction Hoist Shaft Flexible Coupling for Passenger Hoist Motor Alloy Steel Buffer Spring for Construction Hoist M25 Counter Roller for Construction Hoist Worm and Worm Wheel for Construction Hoist Door Locks of Building Hoist Brake Adjustment Unit for Construction Hoist Passenger Hoist Electromagnet 13KW Building Hoist Electromagnet 15KW Pre-embedded Bolts for Construction Hoist Nylon Roller for Construction Hoist Upper Door 255*55 Brake Disc for Construction Hoist Construction Hoist Roller 94*55*M18 M21 Counter Roller for Passenger Hoist Construction Hoist Guide Roller 95*55*M16 Construction Hoist Roller 88*49*M20 Nylon Rope Pulley for Construction Hoist 11/13/15KW Motor Aluminum Fan Blade for Construction Hoist Construction Hoist Roller 88*49*M18 

Suspended Platform

Suspended Working Platform Construction Cradle 6m Working Platform Suspended Platform 800kg Steel Cradle ZLP Series Suspended Platform Suspended Working Platform ZLP800 Construction Suspended Working Platform Aluminum Suspended Platform Working Platform ZLP800 

Suspended Platform Parts

LAY37 Scram Botton for Suspended Platform Rope Presser for Suspended Platform LXK3-20S/T Limit Switch for Suspended Platform Suspended Working Platform Parts Suspended Platform Working Platform Safety Lock Anti-tilting LW5-16/2 Switch Group for Suspended Platform Brake Disc for Suspended Platform Brake Rectifier Module for Suspended Platform Suspended Working Platform Spare Parts Electromagnetic Brake Coil for Suspended Platform Suspended Plarform Spare Parts RT18-32 X 1P Guide Rail Type Fuse 10*38 Universal Change-over Switch LW5D-16 Steel Safety Belt for Construction Suspended Platform 

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